As a native Quincy resident, I know the area well. That means I'm able to press for smart growth for our transportation networks.

Over the past few years, I have helped lead the now-successful effort to renovate the Wollaston MBTA station, I have advocated for a permanent ferry service to alleviate traffic in Quincy, and I have helped direct funds to extend Commander Shea Boulevard to Squantum Point Park. These projects represent my commitment to thoughtfully growing and improving Quincy's transportation networks.

Rep. Ayers discusses the completion of the Wollaston MBTA Station renovation project

We're all very excited with the reopening of the Wollaston MBTA Station. It's now 100% fully handicap accessible, the flooding problems that plagued it are gone, and it's a beautiful state-of-the-art station."

Rep. Ayers advocates for a permanent ferry service between Squantum and Boston

A ferry service could be integrated into Logan Airport, into downtown Boston and South Station... there's just so much potential there."

The Pioneer Institute just said that water transportation is one of the best means of transit that we can do right now. It's cost effective, environmentally friendly... and not only does it increase travel, but it also increases tourism."

Rep. Ayers explains his opposition to the rebuilding of the Long Island Bridge

I've filed legislation to highlight some of the contrasts in what it would cost to rebuild the bridge rather than utilizing a ferry service, because we all know a ferry service would be a cheaper, more economic means of transportation to and from the island...

We're all for helping people in need and giving them the right treatment... but Long Island is not the right location."