Tourism is a vital part of the Quincy-Randolph economy and I am committed to fostering its growth.

As Vice-Chair of the Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development, I am actively involved in efforts to expand tourism and cultural appreciation throughout the district. It is my mission to preserve the natural beauty of our district’s treasured landmarks while sharing these beautiful and historic landmarks with our community’s surrounding neighbors.

Rep. Ayers discusses Quincy's historic importance and his latest efforts to boost tourism to the area

Being in the city of Quincy, we're a gateway. We're in a perfect opportunity to take advantage of all those tourist dollars.

The City of Quincy is filled with a lot of history and pride... John Adams and John Quincy Adams were both born here and laid to rest here, John Hancock was born here, and there's over 100 sites on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

I filed a bill along with Kerry Burn, a Quincy resident and historian, and it promotes the city of Quincy... because I've always felt that Quincy didn't get the recognition of all of that historic value. So it gets people to take another look at the City of Quincy."

Rep. Ayers explains his role as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Tourism

Tourism, behind healthcare and education, is the number 3 industry in the state... They anticipate over $20 million dollars being spent in tourism this year and we want to capitalize on some of that.

Quincy is a gateway city... whether people are going to Plymouth or Cape Cod, we want them to stop in Quincy. For every $1 dollar invested in tourism, $5 dollars cycles back into the economy. So we want to capitalize on that and we're going to be in a strong position in the City of Quincy to do that."