Public Health

I’m proud to be working alongside some of the state’s top leaders to pass legislative reforms that reimagine the way we handle drug abuse and addiction.

By increasing access to medical treatment, decriminalizing drug abuse, reducing the supply of opiates, and increasing education around drug abuse, we have taken serious steps to address the Opiate Crisis. Through these efforts and others, I plan to continue advocating for the health and wellbeing of Quincy and Randolph residents.

Rep. Ayers discusses legislative responses to the Opiate Crisis

We've implemented a prescription monitoring program, they've cut the dosages of prescriptions down, and we've cracked down on the penalties for fentanyl trafficking.

We've also put together a core curriculum for colleges and universities where medical students have to take courses in opioid therapy and pain management... There's no silver bullet, it's going to be a community collaboration"

Rep. Ayers explains alternative options to re-opening the Long Island drug treatment facility

The amount of money they're trying to spend in rebuilding a bridge to an island in the middle of Boston Harbor just doesn't make financial sense... In Quincy, a ferry service would be a more cost-effective means of transportation and more environmentally friendly."