Environmental Protection

The climate crisis will require decisive and unified action on behalf of the public sector, private businesses, and Massachusetts citizens alike. We have an obligation to future generations to alter the course of climate change and global warming now.

I will continue to defend the environmental integrity of Quincy and Randolph by advocating for coastal environmental protections, new and innovative transportation solutionsresponsible waste removal, and sustainable energy initiatives. In addition, I support state-wide initiatives to invest in clean energy, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and responsibly regulate industry.

Bruce Ayers explains his opposition to the Weymouth Compressor Station

It's the wrong location for this type of station. There's so many negative impacts it's going to havepublic safety, the air pollution, the environmental impacts... it's just the wrong place for this.

This is something that we've been fighting on all different levels—the [city] councils have been involved, the delegation has been involved, Stephen Lynch the congressman is involved—and we're trying to put as much pressure on some of these state agencies as we can... to get them to take a closer look at other locations."

Holbrook Trash Transfer Station

For years I have worked with my constituents in Randolph to prevent the development of a Trash Transfer Station on the Randolph-Holbrook line. This station threatens Randolph’s environment by introducing air pollution, increased traffic, rodents, and health hazards.

In addition to meeting with constituent groups, I have testified at various hearings on the issue to firmly oppose the project. This fight is an ongoing demonstration of my commitment to protecting the environment of Randolph and Quincy."

Kentucky Students clean up Squantum Point Park

I recently hosted a group of high school students from Kentucky for a historic site visit to Quincy. While in the district, these students learned about Quincy’s rich history and completed a service project to clean up Squantum Point Park. Read the full story here."