Elder Affairs

I believe in fighting for the increased visibility of senior citizens. Too often our state’s most vulnerable populations—veterans, disabled seniors, and the elderly—are ignored by politicians.

That is why I advocate for expanding health care access, increasing handicap accessibility, and broadening legal protections for the elderly. As a member of the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs, I advocate for these issues every day on behalf of my constituents.

Rep. Ayers explains his role on the Joint Committee on Elder Affairs

We work on issues to provide more programs and services to our seniors... [and] to pass legislation to help seniors stay home or live with a loved one."

Rep. Ayers discusses his bill to expand funding for early onset Alzheimer's disease

We had a Quincy firefighter come to me, and his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 51. Because of her age, she wasn’t eligible for funding from Mass Health… we wanted to do something about that”

Rep. Ayers discusses the Senior Scam and Protection Bill

These scam companies prey on seniors that are home... I filed legislation that would crack down with more fines and penalties on these companies that get caught"