Economic Development

My policies and goals for economic development are based in my experience as a small-business owner and a native Quincy resident.

I know how Quincy's economy runsand as your representative, I'm always working to keep it running. I've introduced legislation to boost tourism in Quincy, I've co-sponsored and lead several infrastructure projects, and I'm always fighting for more state funding to further boost the district's economy and local businesses.

Rep. Ayers discusses the newly passed budget for the 2020 fiscal year

We were able to secure $20 million in local aid—that's a 2.7% increase from last year. As legislators, one of our most important roles is to fight for as much money as we can for our districts. This allows the mayor, city council, and the school committee to allocate that money where it's most needed."

"We got $450,000 for Quincy mental health, we got $150,000 for Quincy Asian Resources... and $28 million dollars for educational funding"